The Centre for Actuarial Research (CARe) is a research centre accredited by the University of Cape Town Research Committee, and located in the Actuarial Science section of the School of Management Studies in the Faculty of Commerce. 

Our guiding mission is to provide and promote the highest-quality quantitative population-centred evidence that can be used to inform better policy development and implementation in the fields of demography, epidemiology, and public health. 

Our research foci and areas of expertise currently include formal demography; demographic estimation from limited and defective data; fertility, mortality, and migration in sub-Saharan Africa; sexual and reproductive health; and the changing burden of disease in the region. As one of the pre-eminent African demographic research centres, our expertise is sought at local, provincial, national levels within South Africa, while we continue to engage in high-level policy debates at national, regional, and international fora.

Our research informs our teaching and, through our postgraduate training programme, we have trained nearly 100 postgraduate Masters and Doctoral students from across anglophone sub-SaharanAfrica.